For the past five years, starting from 2013, we, the Care and Welfare organization has been conducting various campaigns for the prosperity of humankind.


Walkathons are conducted to enlighten people about various social issues in the society. It’s the social responsibility of every individual to understand...


The joy and satisfaction that comes from volunteering is inexplicable and exceptional. We, the volunteers, start from where we are, with what we have...

About Us

  1. 100 rupee club
    The main motto behind our Care and Welfare’s programs and projects is to bridge the gap between the donors and the needy. ‘100 Rupee club’ is an initiative, taken to fulfill the needs and requirements of those who...
  2. Social Audit
    Social audit, the measuring, understanding and reporting of the organization’s performance, is one way in which we ensure that we continue to be transparent, and as a result, follow ethical practices.
  3. Bridging the gap
    There are about one million street dwellers in India. It is high time we put an end to the blame-game and take this burning issue in our hands.Care And Welfare works to restore a sense of humanity in an increasingly ...

Equip Yourself with Social Responsibly


The Seed of Responsibility sown into every youngster's Heartshould grow into a tree and give shelter to the needy

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Our Mission

Building socially responsible youth

The main mission of Care and Welfare is to cultivate a crop of socially responsible youngsters ...

Educating students on social responsibility

As DR. APJ. Abdul Kalam said students are really the backbone of our future.

Internship Programs

In CWF we provide internship opportunities to students in the areas of designing, photography, content writing...

Creating a world without marginalized

“Equality is law but equity is justice” In a world where, racism is spreading everywhere ...

Training program for responsible youth

At Care and Welfare, we also conduct various training programs to equip volunteers with ...

To educate all

We can call this as our NGO’s main motto as providing quality education to everyone ...

With utmost passion and love, we have been serving the society for the past Five Years


Social Events

Awareness Programs

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