100 Rupees Club

“Equality is law whereas equity is justice.”

The main motto behind our CWF’s programs and projects is to bridge the gap between the donors and the disadvantaged. ‘100 Rupee club’ is an initiative, taken to fulfill the needs and requirements of those people who deserve the most, in a very cost-efficient way. Our volunteers, young and old, contribute just one hundred rupees. And just as one ray of light can dispel darkness, the 100 Rupee club is successful in making a big difference to the quality of service we render. This way, the common man rises above being just everyone’s well-wisher. He becomes a welfare creator.

“A single drop of water helps to swell the ocean.”

Social Audit

“Transforming vision into reality”

Care And Welfare, as the name indicates, is a family that cares for the welfare of people. So far, our identity is founded on ethical behaviour that goes hand in hand with transparency. Social audit, the measuring, understanding and reporting of the organization’s performance, is one way in which we ensure that we continue to be transparent, and as a result, follow ethical practices. Such as audit would enable all to evaluate how close we are, to our goals, and at the same time show us how we can improve. For this to happen, we exhibit our audit reports and statements for the general public to view. You can walk into our office and look at them or visit our website and get to view them. Any queries regarding our accounts are also welcome and will be responded to, at the earliest.

Bridging the gap

“The rich fear poverty whereas the poor fear death.”

There are about one million street dwellers in India. Who is to blame for this? It is high time we put an end to the blame-game and take this burning issue into our hands. We, who are quick to point our fingers at one another, cannot tolerate hunger for even ten minutes, or can ever imagine how hungry a beggar would be. Care And Welfare works to restore a sense of humanity in an increasingly self-centred world, by trying to connect the two extremes: the affluent and the destitute. We raise funds, and provide material and physical support to the needy, in order to bring about equality in this society. The gap is not impossible to bridge especially when there are people such as our members: a team of enthusiastic intellectuals keen on being of service to the society.