Building socially responsible youth:

The main mission of Care and Welfare is to cultivate a crop of socially responsible youngsters who take up the issues that are prevailing in this society as their own and work towards the betterment of it. We, the unit of Care and Welfare volunteers have always stayed together in facing a social issue and have always taken everyone’s suggestion into consideration to ensure that everyone’s part is present in a good cause.

Internship Programs:

In CWF we provide internship opportunities to students in the areas of designing, photography, content writing, social media management, Blog writing, effective communication and public speaking. The main objective of this internship program is to support the students and help them in all possible ways in their journey through service or a chosen profession. Certificates are provided to those students that can be added to their resume.

Training program for responsible youth:

At Care and Welfare, we also conduct various training programs to equip volunteers with the basic knowledge and practice about serving the society. We shape the volunteers like a potter shaping a wet clay to be fit for the society. It is primary duty to make the youngsters feel that the future of the country is in their hands and motivate them to make ‘vision 2020’ as ‘mission 2020’.

Educating students on social responsibility:

As DR. APJ. Abdul Kalam said students are really the backbone of our future. We have taken up the role of teaching students of various schools and colleges about social responsibility and the needs of the society. It is important for the students to know what awaits them when they step out of their circle to face this society. Life is always learnt by experiencing and teaching.

Creating a world without marginalized:

“Equality is law but equity is justice” In a world where, racism is spreading everywhere, we are planning to build a safer and happier place to live in. Herculean efforts are made by us in order to eradicate marginalization and strengthen unity among people of all kind and race. We aim at bringing people together to travel in this journey of life to one’s own destination. We hope our dream becomes true sooner.

To educate all:

We can call this as our NGO’s main motto as providing quality education to everyone is one of our long running dreams. We are working towards it by visiting government schools, teaching them the good and the bad, creating a platform for them to excel after their schooling. We conduct seminars on various topics teaching them the essential ways to stay fit in the race.