Traffic Awareness Campaign

"Safe rather than sorry"

Tamil Nadu tops the list of Indian state for the number of road accidents; 43 people die every day in road mishaps in Tamil Nadu. We conduct Traffic Awareness programs to bring out the importance of traffic rules and about being disciplined while driving. We also conduct one on one counselling with members of the general public. It is also a positive experience for a social worker who can be sure of the impact of such work.

My vote is not for sale

"Our votes are priceless."

'My vote is not for sale' is a unique joint initiative by our team and the youth wing of CII. Elections and campaigning are a part of the democratic process. Ideally, citizens who are aware of what is going on around them, analyze candidates and cast their votes to the most deserving candidate. We conducted 'My vote is not for sale' campaign in right earnest, during 2015 elections. 'Right to vote' is one of the fundamental rights that every citizen should hold fast onto, and never give up just for money.

Be Clean, Be Healthy!

"Cleanliness is next to godliness."

Being clean is not an option, but a requirement. We consider it our duty to adopt government bus stops, platforms, school walls and other public places and clean them up. Everyone takes public places for granted and abuses these spaces. Also, a lot of people brag about foreign trips and speak about how foreign countries are admirable and clean. Instead, they should work towards making our beautiful country clean. This is the message that we spread at awareness campaigns and action plans for a cleaner environment.

Road Side Poor

It is very much heart-wrenching that, nearly 17% of the street dwellers in the world live in our country. We, the volunteers of Care and Welfare render our service to the road side people by providing them food, water, clothes, blankets and much more. With all our efforts and hard work, we are trying to bestow upon them a better life to live. They do not seek for a lavish life; all they want from us is some basic amenities to lead a simple life on this earth. We help them to make their lives meaningful and purposeful to the society by motivating them and by providing them the things they require to support their daily lives.