Care and Welfare is able to sustain for over more than 5 years only because of the moral support of all the good hearted people, who have been helping us by donating, to serve the society. In spite of having volunteers and the idea to serve the people, we did not have enough resource to benefit the society.

That is when, people decided to fuel our journey and help us continue our welfare for the society. We have grown into a big foundation, only because of the donations that we received. We request people of different platforms, cities, villages and even states to donate us through online and thereby helping us to continue what we have been doing the best so far. Be it 5 rupees, 10 rupees or 100 rupees, come forward to donate and help your fellow people to have a good life as that of yours. Even a single penny will help us go forward in our mission.

We also assure that, we will provide clear proofs, bills and other documents for all the welfare activities that would be performed through the funds that you donate us

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